Artist Spotlight: Beloved Designs Woodworking

Welcome to Beloved Designs, the heart and soul of our woodworking journey. Nestled in the balance between artistic expression and functional craftsmanship, we, Jessa and Matthew, have poured our passion into every piece we create. Our story is one of love, wood shavings, and the joy of making something beautiful with our hands.

Jessa is the visionary force behind Beloved Designs. Currently immersed in a 2-year woodworking program, she finds solace and inspiration in the spinning world of woodturning. Jessa’s approach to design marries the clean, timeless appeal of midcentury modern aesthetics with a bold willingness to push traditional boundaries. Her true passion lies in turning bowls, where she brings out the hidden stories within each piece of wood. On any given day, Jessa is happiest covered in shavings, lost in the rhythm of her lathe in our turning studio.

Matthew is the backbone of our operation, seamlessly intertwining his love for woodworking with the bustling life of our household. Father to four spirited daughters and a playful German Shepherd pup, Matthew’s days are a blend of creativity, client collaborations, and family. His expertise shines in his stunning burl and epoxy serving trays, where the raw beauty of wood meets meticulous craftsmanship. Beyond his workbench, Matthew is the steward of our two sawmills and kiln services, ensuring that Beloved Designs not only creates but also nurtures the very material of our art.

Together, we are Beloved Designs – a partnership built on the foundation of family, creativity, and a shared commitment to excellence. Each piece we create is a reflection of our journey, infused with love, care, and the unique story of its creation. Thank you for visiting our page, and we hope our work resonates with you, bringing a piece of our world into your home.


Jessa and Matthew

Ph: (call or text) 828-600-5251