Artist Spotlight – Mia Milner

Mia Milner

Mia Milner is an accomplished artist with a focus on watercolor, acrylic, and ink mediums. Her work has been showcased in various exhibitions, including a month-long solo gallery at Quirky Birds Bar and Bistro, where she presented her unique artistic vision to a wide audience. Mia also participated in a group gallery at The Cut Cocktail Lounge, contributing to the collective artistic experience. 

Mia’s success extends beyond exhibition opportunities, as she has demonstrated her ability to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors. With 13 pieces sold over the past year, she has built a strong following and created a demand for her work. Additionally, Mia has completed three commissioned artworks, fulfilling the artistic visions and desires of clients.

Mia Milner’s artistic journey continues to evolve, and her passion for creating meaningful and captivating art is evident in her portfolio. Her dedication to her craft, combined with her accomplishments, make her a promising artist in the contemporary art scene.

Artist Statement:

My name is Mia Milner. I am a Western Carolina based artist. I focus on artistic expression of nature. I seek to show the beauty and balance of flowers and the small creatures who depend on them. My art is made to bring joy and peace to those who view it. I am also a bartender at Quirky Birds and Innovation, which have given me the opportunity to get to know and create friendships with many Sylva locals. I see bartending in the same way I see art, a way to evoke joy and escape. Whether it be a delicious drink someone has tried for the first time, or beautiful art to fill their homes; creating a space of joy is most important. I hope those who view my artwork, or take it home with them, find it creates that space of joy and peace.