Raina Kranz-Kaplan

Raina Kranz-Kaplan

Contact Info: e-mail: zenblisscreations@yahoo.com ph: 954-805-8478

Raina Kranz Kaplan graduated from The Art Insitute of Ft. Lauderdale in 1985. Her studies included graphic design, fashion illustration, commercial art and photography. Although her creative passion wasn’t nurtured until she moved to Western North Carolina in March of 2020. 

Since Graduating College, Raina has been a Certified Personal Trainer. Her focus on anatomy and kinesiology went hand in hand with a two-dimensional interpretation of movement for her Personal training practice and her art. Designing unique training programs for her clients by drawing the exercises to complement the instructions. While she worked at the Doral Saturina International Spa & Resort in Miami, Florida, she created illustrated exercise programs for other trainers to use with their clients. 

Presently, still Training clients and incorporating painting into her daily life in the mountains, Raina has found balance between being creative and helping others reach their goals. 

Open to commission work, she has also donated paintings to local non- profit charities in Sylva and Cullowhee. Artwork is hanging in Lulu’s on Main Street; Lindsay has been very kind and supportive. 

Raina is working on a series of work pertaining to women supporting women and women issues that we face today.