JCAC Art Sponsorships

Occasionally Jackson County Arts Council will sponsor or fund an artist project or organization that serves artists, who have a specific need.

The Jackson County Arts Council accepts sponsorship requests from artists and organizations that serve artists. These requests must be for an art related project or event and must show impact for Jackson County.
Requests are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and are funded until budgeted funds are depleted. Only requests made by artists and organizations located in Jackson County or on the Qualla Boundary will be considered. Due to limited funding, please limit your request to $1,000.

Accepted proposals will be required to use JCAC logos on all marketing materials. Additional requirements may be made. Projects must be completed within 1 year of funding. Any unused funds must be returned to the Jackson County Arts Council. Incomplete projects must return all funds to Jackson County Arts Council.

Throughout the project you will be expected to make periodic updates to the Jackson County Arts Council. Upon project completion recipients will be required to report on total use of funds and the project outcome(s).

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