Rotunda Gallery Artist Spotlight: Roger Stephens

April – May Artist

Roger B. Stephens


The Jackson County Arts Council is thrilled to welcome the latest Rotunda Gallery Artist Roger B. Stephens.

Roger B. Stephens has been a practicing artist for over 50 years. After obtaining a BFA and Masters degree in painting and drawing at Western Carolina University, he became a professional sign artist and illustrator before accepting a faculty position in the Graphic Design curriculum at Southwestern Community College in 1990. Roger moved Maui in 2004 to pursue a career as a muralist and fine artist. He purchased a successful picture framing business there, which he owned and operated for 10 years before returning to western North Carolina.

His primary subject areas are landscape, portrait, and visionary icons. Born and raised in South Florida, he acquired a deep connection with tropical seas and Meso-American culture. Multiple trips to Mexico, Belize, Panama, India and Thailand inspired a continuing love of pictography and mythology. He refers to his work as a kind of “Shamanistic Graffiti”, representing a personal exploration of archetypical motifs and symbols.

Moving freely between Realism, Impressionism, Abstraction and Eclectic Iconography, Roger continues to explore visionary themes in his landscapes and portraits.


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