Artist Spotlight: Beloved Designs Woodworking

Welcome to Beloved Designs, the heart and soul of our woodworking journey. Nestled in the balance between artistic expression and functional craftsmanship, we, Jessa and Matthew, have poured our passion into every piece we create. Our story is one of love, wood shavings, and the joy of making something beautiful with our hands. Jessa is […]

Annie Jacobsen: Best In Show

Annie discovered her passion for glass art at Virginia Commonwealth University and has since worked with renowned artists and taught at various glass centers. Today, Annie operates as an independent artist under “Her Glassworks,” with her home studio at the Jackson County Green Energy Park in Dillsboro, NC, one of the only hot shops powered by landfill methane gas.

Artist Spotlight: Robert G. Burch

I’m based between Colorado, North Carolina and New York. My relationship to creativity began with Legos. Skateboarding taught me how to relate to the world through the artistic voices I admired. I was captivated by the excitement of glass work and began apprenticing in a factory setting around age 16. I attended Pilchuck Glass School […]

Artist Spotlight: Lindsay McCardle

Lindsay McCardle’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her connection to Sylva, North Carolina, a place that not only serves as her home but also as a boundless source of inspiration. Her work in paintings, murals, and mosaics over the past 12 years reflects a vibrant exploration of both local wildlife and global natural wonders, […]

Music on the Porch

The Appalachian Women’s Museum will host a tribute to Aunt Samantha Bumgarner, famous local banjo player. See AppWomen.Org for more information. JCARTS is a sponsor of the event.